• Trips

    Every summer, Paddle Manitoba presents a variety of canoe trips. These are usually weekend (or long-weekend) trips that are suitable for most skill levels. If you are new to canoe camping, these are ideal opportunities to gain skills and confidence. If you are already skilled, enjoy the chance for a fun, relaxing, social getaway.

    Each trip is led by one or more experienced canoe trippers but please remember these are volunteers who give their time free of charge.  These are not all-inclusive guided or serviced excursions: you are entirely responsible for  your own safety and of any accompanying minors. Participants are expected to paddle, portage, make and strike camp, and prepare meals. Many of the trips are strictly flatwater, but some of the river routes will require at least basic moving-water skills.

    Numbers are limited depending on the location so please book your place as early as possible. While we will take every effort to ensure these trips go ahead sometimes for reasons outside our control we may have to postpone or cancel the trip. There is a charge of $20/person on overnight trips which helps towards the cost of our insurance.

    Details of upcoming trips will be published on the events calender. Please contact the organiser for more details and to discuss the nature of the trip.